✨ Update button text and link on course page
We've made a small, but powerful improvement to the call-to-action button on the course page. You can now update the button text and link!
All you need to do is go to your course page in edit mode, click the gear icon button next to the call-to-action button and change the copy and link.
GIF showing how to change button text and link
This change now allows you to do a few cool things:
Sell courses
You can now change the call-to-action button link to a sales page hosted by Shopify, Gumroad or any of the many other online storefronts available. With a Zapier automation, you can set up a workflow that automatically enrolls learners once they've made a payment.
Only enroll learners after acceptance
Link the call-to-action button to a form online and only invite learners into your course when they have been accepted by you.
☑️ Checklist activity
Today we are happy to announce the new checklist activity on Eduflow. ✨ The checklist activity makes it simple for instructors to create checklists in the same intuitive interface they already know from any other activities on the platform. Create checklists in Eduflow anytime and anywhere – on the desktop or on the phone 🖥📱
Checklist GIF recording
The new checklist activity – plus the never-ending possibilities of combining it with any of our existing activities – is now available to you and all instructors using Eduflow. We hope you'll make good use of it! 😊
Plagiarism detection with Turnitin
We're happy to share that we've just wrapped up one of the most requested features for Eduflow —
plagiarism detection!
The feature is made possible through an integration with Turnitin.
To learn more about how the integration works, visit our Help Center or reach out via support.
🕰 Event log table in course dashboard
We've just added a new event log table to the
course dashboard
section. The new visualisation allows you to see when specific events like page visits, activity completions, submission edits and more have happened for all of your participants. The table is available to all customers on a
Screenshot of event log table in Eduflow
How to add the event log to your course dashboard
  1. Go to the course you wish to add the visualisation to
  2. Go to the Summary page and select the
  3. Click the
    + Add visualization
    button in the toolbar
  4. Find the event log table and click
Searching for participants
If you wish to only see events by a specific participant within the course, you can use the search feature to filter the events shown in the table. Simply click the search button and type in the name or email of a participant and the table will be filtered automatically.
📎 Improved file uploads
We've just shipped some improvements to file uploads that gives added flexibility and new possibilities in Eduflow.
File uploads in discussions
GIF showing how to upload files in the discussion activity
We've updated our rich-text editor in our discussion activity to support file uploads. We will be expanding the file upload functionality to all rich-text editors in Eduflow in the near future.
Improvements to file uploads in activities
Screenshot showing how files can be uploaded inside an activity description
Before you had to upload all of your files into a section that would always show up at the bottom of your activity description. Now, you get to decide for yourself where in the description you want your files!
🖼 Favicon & small logo customization options
We've improved our white-labelling options by enabling users to add a
that will display in the browser tab and a
small logo
that will be shown in emails.
If you're on a Pro plan or above you now have the option to upload a favicon and small logo. The favicon will show in your browser's tab bar while the small logo will be showing up in email notifications.
This effectively means that you will be able to completely white-label your institution!
✅ Course completion
Today we are happy to announce a new feature on Eduflow ✨ The new course completion feature lets instructors pick one or more activities that need to be completed in order for the course to complete for learners. Learners will receive a badge on the course on their course overview page ✅.
How to set up course completion in four easy steps:
  • Click on the settings button underneath the thumbnail in the course sidebar
  • Choose ‘Course settings’ from the menu
  • Find the ‘Learner course completion’ section and activate the toggle for “Allow course completion”
  • Choose the activities that learners need to complete in order to complete the course
🤳 Profile images
Make the social learning experience more personal with our newest feature: profile images! You can now upload a profile image to your account that will be shown instead of the user badge.
Screenshot of the account settings where you can upload a profile image
To add a profile image, visit your user settings by clicking your initials in the top right corner ➜ User settings. Scroll down to the profile image section and click upload image. Easy peasy!
📥 Download all reviews and reflections
Today, we are happy to announce that instructors on Eduflow now are able to download all reviews and reflections directly from the results interface 🎉
How to download reviews and reflections:
  • Navigate to any review or reflection activity
  • Click on 'View reviews' or 'View reflection' depending on the activity
  • Find the 'Download all reviews' or 'Download all reflections' button in the bottom left corner
  • The reviews or reflections are now on their way to your inbox
We hope you are happy with this latest addition to Eduflow 👩‍💻
🔀 Institution integrations
GIF showing all of the new institution integrations
We've just released a big set of new
institution integrations
! Use the integrations to make seamless workflows between the apps you're using. Here's a small selection of the workflow options you now have available:
Send welcome message to new learners via Slack
Connect with your Slack workspace and send a custom welcome message in Slack when you're inviting someone to a course on Eduflow. This is a great way to trigger a notification within the workspace environment that users are already in.
Add information to Hubspot contact when activity is completed
Connect with Hubspot and sync data to your CRM when learners complete activities in your courses. You can, for example, use it to pass valuable information into Hubspot that can be used to trigger email notifications based on learner's progress in a course.
Add employee to BambooHR when they're added as a learner in a course
Connect with BambooHR and make sure to keep users in sync between Eduflow and your HR solution. Add learners as new employees in BambooHR and sync data.
We're super excited about all of these new integration options we have available and are looking forward to seeing how you'll leverage them to improve your workflows.
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