📐 Set aspect ratio for embed and SCORM activities
We got a lot of requests for ways to change the way embeds and SCORM files are shown in Eduflow. Today we're shipping a feature that allows you to set the aspect ratio for your embeds and SCORM modules. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to designing activities.
﹛﹜Use variables in custom code and embeds
We've recently added the option to use variables in the custom code section and embed activities. This opens up for a few really cool things like:
  • Passing user information to 3rd party analytics tools.
  • Send user data to embedded tools like for example form tools.
  • Create Zaps that auto-complete activities when data is submitted in an embed activity.
You can even write logic statements using the liquid template language. Read more about how variables work in Eduflow here.
👀 Preview course
We've just made it a lot easier to preview courses in Eduflow! You can now add
test learners
that you can use to preview your course design with.
How to add test learners
Open the course context menu and click
Test users
. In the next layer of the menu, specify how many test learners you want to add to your course. Click on
+ Add test users
. If you have a Super plan or above, you have access to the Assistant role type and you will also be able to add test assistants.
Impersonating test learners
The easiest way to impersonate test learners is from the course sidebar. Open the Test users context menu and click the test learner you want to impersonate. You will now see the current activity impersonating the selected test learner. You can now go through the course, complete activities and see how the course design works from a learner's point of view. Once you're done you can exit impersonation mode.
🧑‍💻 Customize Eduflow with CSS and JavaScript
You can now customize Eduflow using CSS and JavaScript, giving you the ability to use the advanced theme settings to apply custom styles and behaviors throughout the entire institution 🏫. This update allows for more flexibility in branding and creating a personalized learning experience 💄
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 16
Additionally, we're happy to announce that custom page titles are now available. This means you can customize the page titles of Eduflow to better reflect your institution.
We hope these updates will help you make the most out of Eduflow and create an even better learning experience for your learners 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🏷️ Eduflow introduces powerful new user properties feature
We are excited to announce the release of our new user properties feature, available now in Eduflow 🎉 This powerful new tool allows you to add custom properties to the participants in your institution, giving you more flexibility and an improved overview of all participants in your institution.
User prop release1
With user properties, you can create and assign custom attributes to users, such as their department, job role, seniority level 📊 This makes it easy to filter and group users based on these properties, allowing you to quickly and easily access the information you need.
We believe that user properties will greatly enhance your ability to manage and track learning in your institution 🚀 Try it out today and let us know what you think! 💭
Eduflow's new user property feature allows administrators and owners to customize attributes for their participants. These properties can be easily viewed in the admin participants table and can be used to tag users for better organization and filtering.
📈 Institution dashboard
A couple of months ago we released course dashboards in Eduflow. Now this feature is also available on an institution level for all admins to create visualisations and charts to stay on tops of all that's going on in the institution! 📊
Screenshot of Eduflow's institution dashboard feature
The institution dashboard is available for all customers on a Plus plan or above.
Read all about our supported visualisations and how to customise your dashboard here:
🗣️ Localisation for learners
Over the past few months we've been preparing Eduflow to support translations to other languages. Today we're excited to share the first version of our this project:
localisation for learners
Eduflow's localisation feature highlighted in the app
For customers on a Super plan or above, it's now possible to enable localisation for learners in the institution. To enable it, go to your admin panel → Settings and toggle on localisation. Now all learners in your institution will be able to set their language in user settings. We currently support English and Danish.
To read more about how localisation works in Eduflow, checkout this Help Center article: Localisation in Eduflow.
Upcoming localisation features
We've started small with this release, but have more things coming. If you would like to see Eduflow translated for all user types, you can upvote this feature request: Localisation for all user types. And if you would like to see another language added, you can upvote and add a comment for your request here: Languages for localisation.
🔝 Add content above and below embeds, videos and SCORM modules
We've just released a small improvement that goes a long way. You can now add content both above
below your videos, embeds or SCORM modules!
Here's a quick tip video showing how the feature works.
💬 Messaging in Eduflow
Today we are happy to introduce messaging in Eduflow 💬. Messaging lets any participant in an Eduflow institution or course initiate a conversation with one another. Furthermore, messaging allows for group conversations between multiple participants 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦. The new messaging feature is available today on all devices – from desktop to mobile 🖥 📱
Messaging screenshot
⚙️ Get full control of messaging
In addition to the new messaging feature, we are also launching advanced messaging permission settings, which allows institution owners and admins to set up rules for which user roles are able to message each other.
📧 Stay up-to-date with email notifications
To make sure that everyone sees the messages you send them, we will automatically send an email notification if people don’t see the message inside Eduflow within 5 minutes.
✨ Update button text and link on course page
We've made a small, but powerful improvement to the call-to-action button on the course page. You can now update the button text and link!
All you need to do is go to your course page in edit mode, click the gear icon button next to the call-to-action button and change the copy and link.
GIF showing how to change button text and link
This change now allows you to do a few cool things:
Sell courses
You can now change the call-to-action button link to a sales page hosted by Shopify, Gumroad or any of the many other online storefronts available. With a Zapier automation, you can set up a workflow that automatically enrolls learners once they've made a payment.
Only enroll learners after acceptance
Link the call-to-action button to a form online and only invite learners into your course when they have been accepted by you.
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