⏰ Changing time preferences
It would be great if one day we could agree to use the same time standard all around the world. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen anytime soon so that's why we've now made it possible to change your time preferences! If you go to your user settings you will now see a dropdown that lets you select between AM/PM and 24h time option.
The first time you enter Eduflow we'll do our best to detect what preference you want as your default. So for example, if you sign up up from the US we will set your preference for AM/PM. You can always go in and change this if we didn't set the right default.
📽 Video submissions
If a picture is worth a thousand words and you like long novels there's a high likelihood that you'll like the newest feature addition to Eduflow – video submissions! 📽
Making videos is a great way to learn communication and presentation skills. Let students submit a webcam or screen recording directly from your submission activity. To enable the feature go to your submission activity settings and enable 'video' under formats. Happy recording!
Previewing of multiple file types
When students submit files like word documents and slide decks we're now converting them to something we can be display within Eduflow. That means you will no longer need to download the file to see it – it will display right from within the app!
Tweaks & improvements
We're hard at work improving Eduflow. Here's a list of some of things we've been releasing in the past couple of days:
Class editing options
Clicking the button next to your class name opens up a menu that gives you a bunch of different options – renaming, editing the class thumbnail, deleting and archiving. If you don’t like the preselected thumbnail you can now easily go in and change it!
Submitting work as a student
We've made a lot of small improvements to the submission page to make it easier for students to submit their work.
Additional improvements
  • It’s now possible to add descriptions with formatting and attach files and resources to all activity types.
  • You can easily delete and rename flows by clicking the button next to the flow title.
  • You can now delete activities.
  • You can now invite co-teachers and students to you class by sending them an email invitation.
  • General accessibility improvements to the whole app.
Next up
In the coming weeks we'll be working on:
  • An improved settings page for activities
  • A better experience for adding flows and activities to your class
  • Peer review and feedback reaction activity!
Anything you'd like to see added to the list? Click on 'Give feedback' in the top left corner and send us your suggest!
We're live! 🚀
We're live and in beta!
For the past couple of months we've been hard at work developing the foundation for Eduflow and you can now go and create an account at The first thing you will probably notice after you sign up though is that the product is still very bare bones. There are things that seem out of place. There are things that are missing. We're well aware of those, but we wanted to show it to the world as fast as possible and hope for your forgiveness. The most important thing for us is to be guided by our users' feedback and the sooner we could launch the faster we could get feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see in Eduflow by posting ideas to our roadmap or by writing us directly in our support chat!
Things we're currently working on
  • Improve UX for adding flows & activities to a class
  • Improve activity settings page
  • Peer review activity
Things we're planning to do next
  • In-app and email notifications