🖼 Activity cover photos
Add a unique touch to your courses with our latest feature addition:
activity cover photos!
Sceenshot of an Eduflow course with a cover photo
Adding visual aids in your material can have a positive effect on the learning experience (1). It helps learners create a context for the activity they're about to engage with and also helps better recollect information and navigate the course. Plus it's fun!
How to add a cover photo to an activity
  1. Above the activity title there's an 'Add cover photo' button. Click it.
  2. A random cover photo has now been added at the top of the activity.
  3. Use one of the 4 options to select your cover photo:
  • Search through Unsplash
  • Upload your own
  • Link to an image file online
  • Shuffle through random photos until you find the right one!
To remove a cover photo, simply hover over it and click on the 'Remove' button.