✨ Greatly improved feedback capabilities
We are happy to announce three new feedback improvements in Eduflow 🥳
1️⃣ First, learners, assistants and instructors are now able to give feedback using our modern rich text editor. This helps them to be able to format their feedback the way they desire by for instance adding images, links or highlights 📝
2️⃣ Secondly, it is now possible for learners, assistants and instructors to give quantitate feedback by letting them choose between a number in a range that can be setup between any two numbers desired by the instructor of the course.
3️⃣ Last, but not least, learners are now able to record a video via their webcam or make a screen recording as part of their feedback.
The feedback improvements are available in the following activities in Eduflow:
  • Peer review activity
  • Self review activity
  • Group review activity
  • Instructor review activity
  • Feedback reflection activity
We hope the new feedback capabilities will be helpful in the design of your next course on Eduflow 👩‍💻