🖼 New activity: Embed
Our newest activity allows you to combine Eduflow with thousands of other tools and services. With the Embed activity you can easily add an external tool like Miro, Padlet, H5P, Figma, Airtable, Google Slides, Loom, Adobe Spark or all the others! 🖼 ✨
⌨️ To set up the new Embed activity, find and copy the embed code of the tool you want to add and paste it into Eduflow. You can decide if the learners should see the embed in the classic way, or in an extra-wide viewer that gives extra space to the embed.
How to add the new embed activity to your course
  • Navigate to the
    add activities and flows
  • Scroll down to find the
    and click on it to add it to your course
🌍 We created this course to showcase different ways to use our new Embed activity. Anything that can be embedded on another website can now be added to Eduflow as an activity, including interactive content and collaboration tools. 👉 Go to showcase course.
We hope you are happy with this latest addition to Eduflow ✨