🌇 New course thumbnail picker
A picture is worth a thousand words, and that's a lot of words these days when our attention spans are decreasing. We've now made it easier to make your course stand out and look good. Introducing our new and improved
course thumbnail picker
The new thumbnail picker is available from the course context menu or from the 'Edit thumbnail' button that will appear when you hover over the thumbnail.
🔍 Search images on Unsplash
To easily find a thumbnail image that fits your course, we've made an integration with Unsplash so you can search and find a good-looking thumbnail image in no time.
⬆️ Upload your own image
You can now upload your own image file to be used as the thumbnail for your course.
🔗 Image link
If you have a thumbnail file that's already hosted somewhere on the internet, you can point to that and we'll show it as the thumbnail.
✨ Shuffle through thumbnails
Inspired by Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button, you can click the 'Shuffle' button and get a randomly selected thumbnail image for your course. Keep clicking the button until you find one that fits your course!